4G Wireless Explained for the Non-Techie

Tens of millions of dollars are being pumped into advertising and promotion of 4G wireless broadband – but sadly, it’s the consumer who’s often left wondering what the real deal is, and “what’s in it for them”.

Enjoying the Benefits of the Newest 4G Mobile Hotspots

What is a Mobile Hotspot? A mobile hotspot is simply a portable 3G or 4G cellular data modem that is combined with  a Wi-Fi router, all of which are enclosed in a pocket sized, battery rechargeable ” all-in-one device”  weighing just a few ounces. Think of your home network’s Wi-Fi router and how easy it […]

Mobile Hotspot & Broadband Terms

Mobile Broadband in Simple Terms What is Mobile broadband?  It’s  basically a portable, high speed wireless data service.  Year after year, the only thing that remains constant in the world of mobile broadband is change itself. What was considered “portable” and “high speed” in 2007, is now a nostalgic joke in 2012. For most non-tech users, […]

3G Mobile Hotspots vs. 4G Mobile Hotspots

Starting around the middle of 2010, the new generation of 4G wireless networks offered by Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile in North American metro areas finally started to gather momentum and generate intense interest by all type of wireless users. Up until then, the decision to purchase a 4G mobile phone or hotspot was often […]

Mobile Hotspot Buyers Guide

“What Exactly is a Mobile Hotspot and How Can It Help Me?” A mobile hotspot is quite simply a “all-in-one” portable mobile broadband device that allows five  to ten separate users or devices to share a single high speed 3G or 4G broadband connection over a Wi-Fi signal. Mobile hotspots are self-contained devices have a build […]